Boating Safety

Be safe on the water…

The most important part of a great day on the water is ensuring everyone makes it home safely to plan for the next adventure.

Recreational boats in the Northern Territory (NT) do not need registration, also you are also not required to hold a licence to drive them. However there are rules that must be followed and consequences for breaking the rules.

Boat operators must:

If you fail to follow the marine laws and regulations, you may receive infringement notices from boating inspectors or the police.

For more information visit the NT Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics – Marine Safety Webpage

Being in control is a skippers responsibility

Skippers have a responsibility to remain in competent control of their vessels and should not navigate impaired by alcohol or drugs. In the Northern Territory it is a criminal offence to cause harm or death by dangerous navigation of a vessel. Impairment due to the effects of alcohol or drugs is listed a specific category of dangerous navigation and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

Are you carrying all of the required safety gear for your location?

Preparing for day on the water?

Test your knowledge with the free online NT Boating Safety Quiz

Check the weather before you head out

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